Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chocolate Mini Museum in Thailand

This interesting place just opened in the middle of November 2010 . Belonged and organized by Thailand most famous chocolatier, Mrs. Flowers.  This mini museum consists 5 rooms of information of chocolate. The first room is about the chocolate history  and the biology of the chocolate. This first room will tell you about where the chocolate was first made and the variety of the chocolate seeds.

Just a next corner on the 2nd room, The museum will show the most wellknown chocolate manufacturer, Lindt, Vanhouten and Nestle. I find this second part is very interesting since we never know how those wellknown factories did to the chocolate since the old time. This second section is called " Chocolate Evolution, interesting, isn't it?

The next room is about how to make the chocolate! There are lots of procedures before we can taste the creamy richy of this brown dessert! The other two rooms will show about health and benefit of the chocolate and the misconception people think about chocolate.

The interesting thing of this museum is you can see the real cocoa tree in front of their place. I bet just a few people see the real cocoa tree and cocoa bean. Moreover, you will find lots of old mould exhibited there!